Top 4 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

An extra slice of Thanksgiving pie, a few Christmas cookies in the office break room, and an eggnog cocktail at the holiday party may just seem like a harmless part of the season’s festive indulgences. Watch out! All these extras treats add up to extra calories and extra pounds. Sure, we know it’s not easy to go on portion patrol when the holidays seem like one endless buffet after another. But if you aren’t careful, the holidays can easily sabotage your weight loss success.

Below, our wellness team put together our top four tips to help you avoid packing on the holiday pounds:

#1: Never arrive at a party hungry. When you arrive hungry, it’s all too easy to justify an extra helping of your favorite treats. Always eat a nutritious snack in advance and drink a full glass of water. You’ll be hydrated, full and less likely to binge on the cheese platter.

#2: Pace yourself. Opt for smaller plates and only put a few items on your plate at a time. Chew slowly, put down the fork and give your brain time to sense that your stomach is full. Commit to doing a full walk around the room before going back for seconds.

#3: Save your calories for a special treat. Let’s be honest: if we had to choose between scarfing down a handful of store bought cookies or indulging in a slice of our Grandmother’s famous holiday pie, we’d pick that slice of pie every time. Skip the sweets that are packed with calories but don’t have any special meaning. If you’re smart about exercising and portion control, it’s okay to have that slice of pie.

#4: Be active every day. Don’t let a hectic holiday schedule stand in the way of exercise. Commit to doing at least one activity that causes you to break a sweat each day. Whether it’s your favorite exercise class at the gym or a long walk with your family after dinner, get moving!

Tell us – what are your secret tips for holiday weight loss success?

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