Stretches for Spine Health

Stretches for Spine Health Recommended by a Lithonia, GA Chiropractor

Our chiropractor at the Full Body Rejuvenation Center, serving Lithonia, GA and the surrounding area, urges patients to care for the health of their spine even outside of the clinic. Spine stretches, especially flexibility stretches, help protect the back from injuries in the future. You’ll notice you’ll have less pain when you’re performing tasks that utilize your back. However, only certain back stretches are effective.

Arch Your Back

Begin by getting down on a mat with your hands and knees. Alternate between arching your back and rounding it. Make sure you perform this stretch slowly and gently. This particular stretch works your lumbar, thoracic and cervical portions of your spine. Ideally, strive to perform this stretch five to six times per set.

Leg Cross Over

Start with your buttocks planted on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Keep your legs together. Move your right leg until your right foot is on the left side of your knees. Make sure your left leg remains straight. Using your left hand, reach as far behind you as possible. Place your right elbow on the left side of your knee and gently twist the upper portion of your body. Basically, it should look like you’re trying to look behind yourself. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds and then relax. Switch sides and repeat.

Back Flexion Stretch

Start by lying down on your back. Pull both of your knees toward your chest. Force your head forward at the same time. You should feel a stretch across your mid and lower back. Hold this stretch for about 20 seconds and release. Repeat the exercise at least fiveĀ times per session.


Lie down on your back. Bend both knees. Squeeze your buttocks slowly together. Lift your buttocks off of the floor. Keep your stomach tight and buttocks contracted for five seconds. Lower yourself down to the floor slowly. Repeat this exercise 10 times twice per day. The bridge is ideal for stretching the muscles in your lower back, which can help prevent lifting injuries.

Look Toward the Sky

Lay down on the ground on your stomach with your toes pointed. Situate your arms slightly in front of you and raise the chest portion of yourself up to perform this stretch. Keep your head up and hold this position for 10 seconds and relax.

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