Shoulder Pain Treatment

How Does Our Lithonia Chiropractor Treat Shoulder Pain?

Here at Full Body Rejuvenation, our chiropractor in Lithonia, GA, sees many causes of shoulder pain. We make sure to arrive at a proper diagnosis before providing shoulder pain treatment. This ensures that the cause of the pain will be properly addressed.

Types of Injuries and Conditions that can Cause Shoulder Pain

In many cases, pains in the shoulders result from injuries. These include strains and sprains, tears or overuse of the rotator cuff, dislocation, and fracture. While some of these can resolve over time, others – such as dislocations, fractures, and rotator cuff injuries – will require a doctor’s care for a satisfactory resolution.

Sometimes, shoulder problems cannot be attributed to a specific event. Issues like frozen shoulder, which result from a thickening of the shoulder capsule, fall into this category. Joint problems like arthritis can also make your shoulder hurt, as can bursitis and tendonitis.

Common Treatment Options

After the cause of your shoulder pain is diagnosed, a plan for shoulder pain treatment is devised. In most cases, rest, chiropractic care, corrective stretches or exercises, and altering how you go about your daily activities will be all that is needed to allow your shoulder to heal. A chiropractor’s guidance will help speed recovery.

In some cases, the more direct action is needed. A partially or completely dislocated shoulder, for example, will need to be put back into its proper position by your doctor. Fractures may also require a cast or sling to heal.

Stretches Recommended by Chiropractors

While nothing beats a direct consultation with a chiropractor, there are some stretches you can do at home to bring about some immediate shoulder pain relief. One that our chiropractor recommends is to stand in a doorway with your arms held at shoulder height and your elbows bent. Gently lean through the doorway, and hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. This helps counter “shoulder rolling,” or a posture where your shoulders protrude forwards.

Get Evaluated for Shoulder Pain from out Chiropractor in Lithonia

To get a proper shoulder pain diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan, just contact Full Body Rejuvenation. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Lithonia, GA, call us at (770) 733-1381.

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