Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common reasons people take painkillers. They make people miss work, skip favorite activities and struggle through daily life. Yet painkillers are only a temporary cover-up for the pain; they cannot resolve the reasons behind the headaches. Chiropractic care, however, gets at the heart of why headaches happen so that they happen less often, are less severe, and even disappear—naturally. If you struggle with headaches anywhere near Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA, our chiropractor, Dr. Nailah Smith, can help you.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Headaches for the Surrounding Areas of Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA

Our chiropractor will first talk with you about your headaches, diagnose what kind of headaches they are, and then design a treatment plan to help you overcome them. The most common reasons behind so many of the headaches Dr. Smith treats are spinal subluxations, usually in the neck. A subluxation occurs when the vertebrae in the spine have been jostled or pulled slowly out of correct postural alignment, either by injury or poor posture habits. Subluxations between vertebrae pinch nerves and can be accompanied by soft tissue strains that add to the discomfort. The two most common types of headaches include:

Tension Headaches—These are often characterized by a spreading tension, tightness and pain that surrounds the head and even spreads into the neck. While stress can aggravate these kinds of headaches, they often have a mechanical cause as well: muscle strains in the neck, as well as excessive forward head posture leading to subluxations. Dr. Smith uses precise, gentle spinal adjustments to relieve the pinched nerves from subluxations, and can apply physiotherapy techniques to relieve soft tissue strains.

Migraine Headaches—The horrific, throbbing pain, sometimes preceded by a visual “aura” and frequently accompanied by nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and noise cripple many of our neighbors here in Lithonia, Snapfinger, Redan, Lakeview Estates and Conyers, GA. Fortunately, migraines respond well to chiropractic care also. Dr. Smith also works with patients on individualized, comprehensive lifestyle plans to avoid potential triggers such as processed foods, drinks, stress, irregular sleep patterns, dehydration, and other things that spur migraines.

Cluster headaches, rebound headaches and injury-related headaches also respond very well to chiropractic care and lifestyle adjustments recommended by our chiropractor. This is because instead of masking the pain with medications, we are striving to resolve the underlying problem, whether it be a pinched nerve, poor circulation, excessive forward head posture (a common problem in a world awash with computers and mobile devices), food sensitivities or other aspects of life that interfere with your overall health and wellbeing.

If you struggle with headaches and are worried about the side effects of taking too many painkillers too often, you owe it to yourself to call chiropractor Dr. Nailah Smith and schedule an appointment. She has helped many people overcome their headaches with natural, effective chiropractic care and lifestyle adjustments. Contact Full Body Rejuvenation in Lithonia today at (770) 733-1381 and start your journey to a life without headaches.