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Anyone who has acute or chronic pain will quickly notice the impact these conditions have on health. Whether it’s the inability to exercise, simply get through the day or difficulty sleeping, pain conditions impair your quality of life. At the Full Body Rejuvenation Center, we offer a number of treatments and services to help manage and correct painful conditions.

How Pain Occurs

The base of almost all chronic pain conditions is the musculoskeletal alignment of the body. Injuries, poor posture and pain itself result in limited movement and guarding. Your gait and body mechanics change. Muscles become short, tense and more susceptible to spasm, creating a vicious cycle in which you guard even more. This cycle can be broken with regular chiropractic adjustments and other treatments.

Chiropractic Modalities

A chiropractor has a number of therapies designed to promote better alignment, relieve muscle tension and spasm, and promote improved posture and body mechanics. Among these are chiropractic adjustment, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cryotherapy, traction and spinal decompression. In addition, we teach you how to move properly and strengthen your body with therapeutic exercises. Chiropractic can also help prevent problems for people of all ages, including children.

Full Body Rejuvenation Center Services:

Chiropractic Adjustments – manual manipulation restores the alignment of the spine and joints to reduce pressure on discs and tension on muscles. It is also helpful for migraine pain.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation – electrical current impulses help retrain muscles and can reduce pain from soft tissue injuries. The current relaxes tense muscles and stimulates blood flow, enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Therapeutic Ultrasound – sound waves cause vibrations that generate heat inside damaged muscles and soft tissues. They also stimulate collagen production to promote the healing process.

Cryotherapy – cold can also be useful, especially in acute injuries, to reduce swelling and pain.

Therapeutic Exercise – anyone with chronic pain tends to limit mobility. Even minor injuries can create long-standing problems. Therapeutic exercise targets specific areas of the body to relieve pain.

Traction – mechanical and manual traction helps stretch the spine. It takes pressure off the discs, increases blood flow and promotes healing.

Other Services – We also offer services such as DOT physicals, physiotherapy, and wellness. Our goal is to help you attain peak health without the use of drugs or surgery, which have side effects or require an extensive recuperation process.

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