Massage Therapy: What Full Body Rejuvenation Offers

At Full Body Rejuvenation, our chiropractor offers a complete menu of massage therapy services. While decreasing stress and increasing feel-good endorphins, massage therapy improves circulation and flexibility, while reducing pain, breaking up scar tissue, and flushing the muscles of waste products (like lactic acid). Depending on each patient’s specific conditions, our chiropractor will recommend a blend of different types of massage therapy from the following:

Swedish/Traditional Relaxation – Swedish massage focuses on relaxing the entire body with long strokes following the circulatory system, pushing blood toward the heart.

Deep Tissue – Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper pressure to relieve chronic muscle pain and tension. Deep tissue massage works the tendons, fascia, and deepest layers of muscle tissue.

Hot Stones – A hot stone massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation, and improves metabolism by placing heated stones on specific points along the body.

Neuromuscular – Also called trigger point therapy, neuromuscular massage focuses on relaxing areas of extremely tight muscle, which cause pain in other parts of the body. During a neuromuscular massage, muscles go through cycles of pressure and release, relaxing tissues.

Prenatal – Designed to benefit expecting mothers and their babies, prenatal massage improves muscle pain and tension related to pregnancy, and reduces several health risks associated with birth.

Reflexology – Reflexology focuses on the foot, ankle, and leg, helping patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis, plantar fascitis, and foot-related injuries.

Sports Massage – Designed to treat athletes at every level, sports massage improves performance by breaking up scar tissue, increasing flexibility and balance, and preventing future injury.

Aromatherapy – We also offer aromatherapy to enhance a massage session of any type. Whether the patient is looking for invigoration or relaxation, we have a scent to do the trick.

Complement Spinal Adjustments with Chiropractic Massage

Chiropractic massage increases the effectiveness of spinal adjustments (and vice versa). To get the most out of our chiropractic services, talk to our office about incorporating chiropractic massage into your wellness plan.

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