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While our chiropractor focuses on the residents of Lithonia, GA and the surrounding region, some chiropractors have an extensive list of celebrities and famous athletes who enter their doors. If those who train professionally to play in front of large crowds believe in the power of a sports injuries chiropractor, you can imagine just how much of a benefit chiropractic care has on performance and sports injuries. Famous individuals in a variety of sports utilize chiropractic care including basketball, football, and golf.

Tiger Woods

Professional golfer, Tiger Woods, earned lead rank in several major competitions including the 1997 Masters Tournament, 1999 PGA Championship, and 2000 U.S. Open. He attributes part of his accomplishments to chiropractic care. He began seeing a chiropractor during a growth spurt when his back became sore, and he felt weak. A chiropractor conducted an adjustment and guided Tiger through strengthening exercises. He feels as though chiropractic care helped him improve his swing. We think if Tiger ever develops golfer’s shoulder, he’ll head straight for his local chiropractor for assistance.

Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield holds the title as the only four-time heavyweight boxing champion. Although a chiropractor wasn’t able to assist Holyfield after one of the most memorable boxing matches of all time against Mike Tyson, he does attribute a great deal of his success to chiropractic care. He once stated he always had a chiropractic adjustment before he entered the ring for a fight and discovered going to the chiropractor three times per week improved his performance. He believes in the benefit of chiropractic care and says a majority of boxers see a chiropractor to give them an extra edge.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an American football player for the National Football League’s New England Patriots. He’s one of the only two players in the NFL to win five Super Bowls. He ranks as the only player in the league to win all five of those Super Bowls for the same team. Tom reveres chiropractic care as a treatment that makes him feel ahead of the game. He feels like he’s three inches taller and every portion of his body feels in place after an adjustment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilders utilize chiropractic care to stay fit and to improve their overall health. Arnold Schwarzenegger took first place in three Mr. Universe competitions and has starred in several films such as Jingle All the Way, Commando and the Terminator series. Arnold raced to the office of his friend, a chiropractor in Los Angeles who was also a bodybuilder, who gave him an adjustment when he had problems with his body. At this point, he realized the importance of chiropractic care for sports injuries. He also realized the role a sports injuries chiropractor could have on bodybuilding performance.

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These are just some of the famous athletes who have used chiropractic care. If these professional individuals recognize the importance of chiropractic treatments, you should visit a chiropractor to see if it has an impact on your performance or helps in the healing process of your sports-related injuries. Schedule an appointment for chiropractic care by contacting Full Body Rejuvenation Center, serving Lithonia, GA and the surrounding area, at (770) 733-1381.

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