5 Common Causes of Back Pain

Problems Frequently Seen by Our Chiropractor

How do people get back pain — and how did you get yours? Our Lithonia chiropractor lists five common causes as:

  1. Acute strains – Excessive twisting, bending, or weight can strain the muscles that support your trunk — or even cause a bulging or herniated disc that presses painfully on nearby nerves. Improper lifting technique is frequently to blame.
  2. Sports injuries – Football impacts, constant running and jumping on the basketball or tennis court, or the jarring of a daily jog can cause spinal compression, pinched nerves, sciatica and other forms of back pain.
  3. Chronic posture problems – How you sit or stand plays a critical role in your spinal health. Poor sitting or standing posture at work, for instance, can stress major muscle groups, causing chronic back pain and other problems.
  4. Auto accidents – If you are involved in an auto accident, whiplash is not the only kind of pain you may face. Back pain from twisted, torn muscles and herniated discs may also occur. To add insult to injury, you may not experience this pain until long after the injury date, making you think that you are fine when in fact you need urgent chiropractic care.
  5. Pregnancy – Women typically experience back pain as a side effect of the weight gain and changes in weight distribution that occur during pregnancy. Stress on the lower lumbar area can cause or worsen sciatica, a set of symptoms that include back pain, leg pain, and numbness or tingling in the feet.

Solutions for Lithonia, Lakeview Estates, Snapfinger, Conyers, and Redan, GA Patients

If you live in the Lithonia, Lakeview Estates, Snapfinger, Conyers, or Redan GA area and you suffer from any of these (or other) causes of back pain, our chiropractor can help. Chiropractic adjustment is a proven technique for correcting spinal misalignment issues and relieving back pain. We can also recommend lifestyle changes and exercises to improve your posture. Contact Full Body Rejuvenation Center today at (678) 971-0337!

Does your pain stem from one of the causes listed above? Which one?

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